I am a reader

Image from Unsplash I am a reader. I usually read to go to sleep or for fun. I also read to learn new words and phrases in books. I read best when it is quiet and calm or if there is calm music on. I consider myself a good average reader. I tend to usually […]

Window or Mirror

A week ago I read the book Amulet Firelight   (7#) by  Kazuhiro Kibuishi.  The genre of my book is a graphic novel. I chose this book because I like the way it is written. For me this book is a window for me which means you can not really relate with it. But a […]


Image from Unsplash I have been making Legos for 5 years now. I love Legos a lot. In my closet, I have at least 20-30 Legos. Some Legos are hard to make and some are easy. The harder Lego builds are Legos with many pieces that are small. How I began to start doing Legos […]

Camp Kirkwood

On August 30th the sixth grade got on a bus and headed off to Camp Kirkwood But there was a hurricane coming with us. When we got there it was raining and we had to get everyone’s stuff out of the rain. Then once  everyone’s stuff was out  we got split up into cabins. Then […]